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Dunnington Parish Council


Queen Elizabeth II

UPDATED 15th September:

The Sports Club will be open on Monday 19th September from 10:00am to 2:00pm for those wanting to watch the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II and pay their respects. The Sports Club will be closed on Monday evening.

UPDATED 11th September:

On Sunday 11th September at 3:00pm, the Chairman of Dunnington Parish Council, Gill Shaw, laid a floral tribute to Her Majesty on the Green and made a short speech on behalf of the Parish Council and parishioners. Her words are reproduced below.

"Following the passing away of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II it is with deep sadness that I lay these flowers on behalf of the Parish Council and the parishioners of Dunnington.

For over 70 years she dedicated her life to serve her country and the Commonwealth.

She was a figurehead of national unity and stability at a time of enormous change.

She led at all times with a quiet determination and selfless devotion.

On behalf of the Parish of Dunnington I wish to convey our deepest condolences to King Charles III and the Royal Family.

A book of condolence is available in St Nicholas Church and a further book will be made available next week at a location to be announced.

Unwrapped floral tributes can be laid here should parishioners wish to do so."

UPDATED 10th September:

Buckingham Palace sadly announced the death of Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday. She was the longest serving monarch in British history and dedicated her life to the throne and to her people. On behalf of our parishioners, Dunnington Parish Council extends its deepest sympathy to the Royal Family.

The Parish Council has made available an area on the Green, close to the Greenside junction, where parishioners can lay flowers should they wish to. It would be appreciated if flowers could be laid unwrapped.

A book of condolence has been opened in St Nicholas Church, Dunnington, for residents to convey their messages. A second book of condolence will be opened at another location in the village next week. It is the Parish Council's intention for the second book to be taken to The Glebe, Grimston Court, and the WI for those who cannot get to the designated locations. There is also an opportunity to sign the e-book of condolences on the Royal Family's official website.

St Nicholas Church is open every day from 8:30am - 6:00pm until the eve of Her Majesty’s funeral. All are welcome to light a candle, write a message of condolence or simply have some time to pray and reflect.

There will be a special Benefice Commemoration Service marking the death of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at St Nicholas, Dunnington at 4:00pm on Saturday 10th September.

On Sunday 11th September at 3:00pm, I shall be laying flowers on the Green on behalf of the Parish Council and parishioners. Parishioners are welcome to attend.

The monthly Parish Meeting due to be held on Monday 12th September has been cancelled. Our next monthly Parish Meeting will be now be Monday 10th October. For any urgent business please contact the Parish Clerk.

City of York Council have announced official events taking place over the weekend which the public can attend. For more information, please see the City of York Council website.

Our website and the This is Dunnington Facebook group will continue to be updated to keep residents informed of unfolding news.

Gill Shaw, Chairman of Dunnington Parish Council