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Dunnington Parish Council


Budget Forecast

Receipts and Payments Spreadsheet showing how the council calculated the precept and how it plans to spend your money next year. This information should be published as soon as agreed by the council.

Precept Notice

Signed Precept Form DPC 24 25 wc
Precept 23 24 scanned copy
Precept Notice 2022-23 (scanned PDF file)
Precept Notice 2021-22 (scanned PDF file)

    Annual Accounts

    Receipts and Payments Spreadsheet showing all transactions and the end of year balance.

    Annual Return

    Explanation of variances

    Asset Register

    Bank Reconciliation

    Internal Audit Report

    Internal Audit Review

    Notice of Conclusion of Audit

    Notice of Public Rights and Publication of Unaudited Annual Governance & Accountability Return


    The Freedom of Information Act (Model Publication Scheme 2008) and the Accountability Code of the Localism Act requires all councils to make at least two years worth of full accounts available on the website. This information should be made available on or before 1st July each year.