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Dunnington Parish Council


Allotments are an important asset to a community, they bring people together and provide an important service. For this reason the Parish Council owns and is responsible for allotments on two sites in the Parish.

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There are twenty six plots situated at the Undergate Field site down Pit Lane and four plots on the site on the Green. All the plots on the site at the Green are full plots but many of the plots on the Undergate Field area have been split into half plots which have proved very popular as a smaller plot can be more manageable and may be preferable if, for example, this is the first time taking on an allotment. In total, when full, there are 46 plot holders across both allotments.

The allotment community spirit is felt down at the two sites where plot holders genuinely help out others and feel the responsibility of keeping the sites to a standard expected by the Parish Council.

The allotments have proved very popular but plots do become vacant so a waiting list is kept to allocate in order to anyone who wishes to have an allotment.

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The current annual rental costs are £30 for a full plot and £15 a half plot. A £50 bond is payable for each separate plot and is refundable on condition that on vacating the plot is left in an acceptable condition for the next plot holder.

However, at the Parish Council meeting held on Monday 8 March 2021, it was agreed to increase the rents with effect from 1 April 2022 and charge for them in a different but fairer way, based on plot sizes, than at present. This will be only the second increase since 2011. All plot holders have been given advance notice by letter of the new charges.

The new charges can be found here: Allotment Charges

A questions and answers document explaining the new charges can be found here: Allotment Charges Q&A

A plan of the Allotments can be found on the Publications page

Terms and Conditions are under review and will be issued later this year after involving the plot holders and when approved by the Parish Council.