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Dunnington Parish Council

Playing fields - Volunteers needed

Would you like to put something back into the community? The Management Committee oversea the wellbeing of the facility which provides sporting and leisure facilities for all ages. Each Sporting Section and the Sports Club have their own committees. The AGM for the Playing Fields is on the 1st August and replacements needed by this date. Full support will be given.

The Chair holds a meeting 2 monthly and oversees the wellbeing of the organisation. The PFA Chair is only involved with sections when they request assistance. The Chair links to the Parish Council who are the main trustees.

The Treasurer works with the Chair to establish rent for the sections and agreeing an Annual Budget and monitoring expenditure. The Playing Fields are a registered Charity and it is important to ensure funds are available in any emergency.

Neither position requires a lot of time compared to the work the Sporting Sections and the Sports Club committees have to do to ensure there is sport and leisure facilities for everyone. (I am away a lot and I am not missed)

Contact: Josette Farmer on 488322 or message on 07704196568