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Dunnington Parish Council

This is Dunnington

Screenshot of the This is Dunnington Facebook page

Dunnington is very lucky in so far as it has various websites to keep villagers informed on what is going on in their neighbourhood. The This is Dunnington Facebook group (affectionately called TiD) does a marvellous job in informing and supporting the local community. 

Be it from "lost cat" to the publicising of a local business, the measure of its success is born out by the number of individuals who participate and interact with the page. But the success of the site would not be possible without those behind the scenes who upload the content each day. 

So Dunnington Parish Council would like to say a big thank you to all those behind the scenes, keep up the good work and to wish you and your followers a Happy New Year.

Gill Shaw

Chairman, Dunnington Parish Council